Thanks for visiting my blog! My name's Lauren, I'm a 26 year old marketer living in Cambridge. I love to travel, read great books, cook and eat veggie food, and write about my love for these things. So this is exactly what this blog is; my space on the internet to add my opinions to the pile and talk to you about what I love.

This isn't my first blog. You may remember me from 'Lauren Evie' or 'Becoming Vegans'. Both were writing projects which I fell in love with, but ultimately I outgrew them both. After some time out of writing and a little bit of time spent lacking inspiration, I've decided to start talking about what I love online again. Life by Lauren is a place to do all of this and more.

I hope you enjoy what you read, I hope I can give you some inspiration and calm and I hope to see you back again soon.

Thanks for reading!

Lauren x