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Thursday, 3 September 2020

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Throughout 2020, my reading habits have definitely gone up and down. I've  experienced months where I've been unable to put a book down and have found myself easily running through seven novels, and other months have seen me slogging through one book, mentally considering how much I'd rather be scrolling through tiktok. 

This year I'm definitely attempting to find a good mental balance between productivity and relaxation. Not every month of a pandemic is going to be super productive, and some days your brain really is going to just want to cool off and be occupied by silly videos and memes. I'm learning to just forgive myself this year, through the lazy days and the busier ones.

I am, however, still trying to set goals for myself each month, and so I've picked out some books which I'd like to try to get through in September. I've bought all of these on Kindle and most of these are currently in the 99p monthly sale - I've added some (aff) links in case you want to pick one up!

The Five: The Untold Lives of the Women Killed By Jack the Ripper - Hallie Rubenhold

I'm actually halfway through this book and started it towards the end of August. It's the first piece of non-fiction that I've read in a while and I'm definitely finding myself having to read it quite slowly because of the subject. It's such an interesting read, and hearing the real stories of the women who became Jack the Ripper's victims is really gut-wrenching. I'd definitely recommend this one if you're after a true crime style book with a bit more substance to it.

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The Switch - Beth O'Leary

This year I've really developed a love for women's fiction books, whether they're rom com's or friendships. They're such a joy to read, leave you feeling warm inside and are the perfect form of escapism. I fully attribute this new love to Beth O'Leary after I read her book The Flatshare this year and fell head over heels for it (read my review of The Flatshare here!) So of course, I've been desperate to read O'leary's new book The Switch since it was released a couple of months ago. The Switch tells the story of a grandmother and granddaughter duo who, after both struggling to find happiness in their own lives, decide to swap places.

The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul - Deborah Rodriguez

This book has been on my list to read for a while, but is one of those ones that I've just never picked up until now. However, this year I'm really trying to widen the types of books I read and have been making a conscious effort to read novels set in a variety of different cultures, so I felt it would be the perfect time to give The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul a read. Coined as a 'must read for fans of The Kite Runner', TLCSOK is about five women who's lives cross in a coffee shop in one of the most dangerous places in the world. The women all lead very different lives, but their stories come together in this heartwarming tale.

Ask Again, Yes - Mary Beth Keane

Unlike the other books on this list, Ask Again, Yes is one that I've not previously heard of. I picked it up on Kindle this month after seeing it recommended by Beth's Book Club - a place which I always manage to pick up good book recommendations from! Ask Again, Yes has been coined as the new Little Fire's Everywhere. After recently binging through the TV series of LFE, I figured I'd give this book a go. It tells the story of two very different families, whose children become friends despite the fault line dividing them. It sounds twisted and a little dark, and I'm excited to give it a read!

Let me know in the comments or on Twitter what you're reading in September - I'm on the lookout for some October inspiration!

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  1. Hard relate to storming through books some months, then feeling unable to read anything for the same amount of time, but trying to cut myself some slack! I've also found a comfort in rom-com/friendship books over the last few months. I'd never really picked them up before, and didn't have much of an interest for them, but the softness is definitely a welcomed tonic right now. Frankly in Love and Radio Silence were a couple I seemed to inhale!