Glamping in the Cotswolds & UK Holiday Inspiration

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

With 2020 turned on its head and travelling abroad mostly off the cards this year, I've been loving seeing how inventive people have become with their summer holidays. In my opinion, holidaying in the UK can be just as fun as jetting off on holiday to another country. No airport queues, no luggage restrictions, the ability to drive from door to door and the option to self cater and take all your food with you? Sign me up!

Growing up with a family who loved to camp every year, I've never been glamping before and am much more used to camping trips which involve no electricity, soggy tents and cold toes layered up with 10 pairs of socks inside a sleeping bag. However, if there was ever a time to try a camping experience which promised the comfort and luxuries of a hotel inside of a socially distanced tent in the middle of a field, 2020 certainly seemed like the time. Which is why when I spotted that The Hoxton Hotel were putting on a pop-up glamping experience in Oxfordshire, I knew it was the break for me.

Glamping in the Cotswolds

Our glamping trip took us to Witney, Oxfordshire. The Hoxton did an amazing job of putting on a great weekend for us. A gorgeous bell tent kitted out with a cosy double bed (no more cold toes!), a radio, full length mirror, table and chairs and an outdoor bbq area to hang out in, we had all of the amenities we could have possibly needed for a luxury camping experience. The campsite was situated on the grounds of Enysham Hall, a beautiful, huge manor house surrounded by lush green fields. It was a stunning location and felt like the most perfect spot to sit and watch the days and nights pass.

I'd definitely recommend Witney as a great place to visit and camp if you can! We visited a number of lovely local villages in the cotswolds while we were in the area. You could practically drive in any direction and you'd encounter a gorgeous village with thatched roof cottages and quaint little cafes.

Some local towns to visit around Oxfordshire

Witney - Witney town itself is one of the more populated ones in the area, but it still boasts some lovely local pubs, a bustling high street filled with shops, cafes and places to grab and afternoon tea, and Wychwood brewery (the home of Hobgoblin) where you can sample some local beers.

Minster Lovell - A cute old village with a handful of local pubs, a beautiful river running through the middle and some ruins of an old hall which you can clamber through and explore. In the summer, the river windrush is a perfect swimming spot too!

Woodstock - You may know the name from the iconic 1960's festival, but Woodstock is a lovely little town in its own right. The place looks like something from a film, with gorgeous picturesque cobbled streets and wild flowers weaving along the walls. This is a lovely town to stop in for a quick drink or a bite to eat from a local deli.

The Cotswolds is the perfect weekend escape and I'm so glad that we got to spend such a relaxed few days camping there in luxury. Being able to sit out under the starts, cook meals on our BBQ, walk around new villages and explore felt like such a treat after so many months of lockdown!

Planning a UK break in lockdown

There is a lot of noise on what we should and should not be doing in lockdown and the government's advice has often been misleading. Should we stay at home to save lives, go out to help the economy? Go to the pub with friends but miss out on seeing our grandparents? Go abroad or stay at home? It's difficult to know, but if you are planning a trip in lockdown, a UK break where you can ensure that you're socially distanced may be the best way to do it. Here's a few things we considered when booking our trip:

  • Do some online research of the venue/ hotel. Have they got systems in place to ensure their guests are being kept safe? If you really want to ensure that you're keeping distance from other people, an airbnb with good reviews or a camping trip to a more remote location may be your best bet.

  • Avoid 'hotspots' if possible. We've all seen the scenes on the news of thousands of people flocking to the beaches in Brighton and Bournemouth. These places are lovely and they're tourist hotspots for a reason, but if you want to ensure a more quiet break, maybe save these destinations for another year and look out for a trip somewhere a little more remote. A quieter beach town, an airbnb or campsite in the countryside. Now is a great time to get back to nature and allow social distancing to be a positive aspect of your trip by getting some much needed rest and relaxation time!

  • Consider self-catering. One of the most exciting parts of our glamping trip was being able to self-cater. Meal planning and then going to the shops and buying drinks, BBQ food, picnic food and snacks was so fun and really brought out the intense planner in me! It also ensured that once we arrived at the campsite, we could be as self contained as possible and rely on the resources we already had. For your break this year, you may want to consider one which allows you to bring all of the amenities you need to relax while staying in.

Some UK holiday ideas for your 2020 trip

I'm really hoping I've sold you on a cosy weekend exploring the UK. Whether you camp or not, breaks in the UK can really feel like a home away from home retreat. A relaxing holiday without the stress. If you're stuck on inspiration for places to visit this year, take a look at my bucket list picks below. I've not visited most of them yet, but they're places on my list which I'd love to book next!

  • Whitstable is a gorgeous town on the coast of Kent which looks the perfect alternative seaside town to visit. A stones throw from Canterbury, Whitstable has a relaxed atmosphere, lots of independent shops to explore and a pretty harbour to wander around.

  • Mersey Island is an island connected to mainland England by one road. It covers seven square miles and is known for its stunning scenery, beautiful beach and historic charm. It's the perfect beach for a day trip and has some lovely looking camping spots.

  • The Isle of Skye is connected to the Northwest coast of Scotland by a bridge and looks like the most beautiful place for a camping roadtrip. Known for its rugged landscape which looks like something from a fairytale, this is top of my list for UK destinations to visit and spend some time rambling around.

  • Beer is a tiny village in East devon which feels so quiet and quaint to walk around. It has a beautiful beach, charming country delis, some great local pubs and the best Cornish Pasties going. Beer is just one of dozens of lovely villages in Devon, and there are a huge assortment of lovely places you can stay, from campsites to secluded Airbnb cottages in the middle of the forests.

  • Bossington is a charming village in Somerset which looks like the loveliest place to visit. An idyllic and picturesque english village with thatched cottages, narrow lanes and flower gardens, it looks like the perfect place to spend a weekend exploring.

2020 has been a strange year, and it seems it'll take some time before things get closer to back to normal. Until then, I hope you stay well and safe and manage to find some enjoyment in what the new normal brings.


  1. I'm still feeling too weary to take a holiday or staycation, but I am excited to pop all of these gorgeous sounding spots onto a list of places to go when I feel able to - thank you for sharing such an extensive list!

    1. I get what you mean completely Sian! These places will always be there for when it feels safe to travel again! Hope you're well and keeping safe :)

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