The Best Vegan Pizza in Brighton? | Purezza Review

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

vegan pizzas at purezza

Before I went vegan, one of the foods which I thought I was going to miss the most on a plant based diet was cheese. Specifically, I thought pizza was going to be the most difficult junk food to no longer be able to indulge in on a Friday night. Little did I know; I would still be able to enjoy great pizza on a vegan diet. And not only that, it could potentially be the best pizza I’d ever eaten, even as a dairy eater. Intrigued? Let’s talk about Purezza.
Purezza is a plant based restaurant in Brighton which, as you may have guessed, offers up a menu of vegan pizzas and other doughy based goodness. All of the items on their menu are both meat and dairy free, making it 100% suitable for vegans and 100% fantastic. They also offer a wide variety of gluten free options too, meaning the menu is versatile and great for limited diets.
I’ve visited Purezza a couple of times now, and it’s one of my favourite places in Brighton to eat. The food gets served up quickly, and you can see the chefs preparing it in an open kitchen within the restaurant, so you know the dough is fresh. Each time I’ve been, the menu has always been refreshed with new improvements to the dishes, which shows how dedicated Purezza are to making their pizzas unique and flavourful. The pizzas themselves taste amazing and I can honestly confirm that they’re the best ones I’ve tried since going vegan (and possibly even before that!)

The Food

My favourite item on the Purezza menu isn’t even a pizza. Stay with me here. I have a huge, huge obsession with dough balls. Garlic dough balls, stuffed dough balls, chocolate dough balls, cheese dough balls. Whatever is in them or on them, dough balls are my favourite food EVER. I’ve not tried many of the items on Purezza’s starters or sides menus, but what I have tried is their cheesy stuffed dough balls (Have I said dough balls enough yet?). Made with a plant based vegan cheese, these doughy bundles of delight are quite literally EXPLOSIVE.
One issue which I often find with vegan cheese is that it’s quite firm and stretchy, and not particularly gooey. It can be really difficult to get vegan cheese right, especially on pizzas. However, the cheese doughballs at Purezza do not have this issue at all. As soon as you bite into them or tear them apart, an absolute waterfall of hot vegan cheese comes pouring out. The hot melting cheese with the soft warm dough is absolutely the best flavour and texture combination of all time, and I would 100% be happy if I could eat them over and over again for the rest of my life.
vegan cheesy dough balls at Purezza

Dough ball love confession over, lets get on to the mains, aka, the best vegan pizzas of all time.
Purezza offer a variety of different bases for their pizzas, from sourdough, to a hemp flour base, to a gluten free base. They also have two different styles of pizzas - half have a 'red base' which is more like a traditional pizza with tomato sauce and vegan cheese, or you can opt for a 'white base' pizza, which skips out on the tomato and just delivers pure cheesy goodness. The cheese which Purezza use is their own take on mozzarella, and is made from brown rice milk. Unlike many vegan cheeses I've tried, it doesn't taste too tangy and has a really great taste to it which doesn't overpower the whole pizza.
The pizza which I opted for at Purezza this time around was their Parmigiana Party, which also happens to have been the winner of the 'best pizza' title in the UK's national pizza awards. A plant based pizza winning best pizza?! Who'd have thought it?
I can completely see why this pizza took the crown - with a tomato and mozzarella base, topped with aubergine parmigiana, crumbled sausages and nutritional yeast, this pizza tastes the perfect mixture of smoky, cheesy and gooey. The sourdough base is so soft and chewy, it honestly all goes together so brilliantly and makes the perfect pizza, which you could easily forget is completely plant based whilst eating it.
We also tried the Couch Potato at Purezza, which has a white base and is topped with potato, roasted aubergine, shaved seitan and garlic mayo. Again, this pizza is an absolute treat. You forget that the tomato sauce is even missing, and instead just enjoy the flavours of the creamy base.
I'm so excited to go back to Purezza next time I'm in Brighton and try out some of the other pizzas on their menu. It's a place where I can see myself going back to again and again (and not just for those sweet sweet cheesy dough balls).
vegan pizzas at purezza

The Location

Purezza is located in the lanes in Brighton, just a short walk from the beach. It's surrounded by a handful of really lovely bars and pubs too, so it's perfect for heading to for dinner and then popping out for a drink afterwards (which is exactly what we did!). The venue is really lovely and feels very welcoming. 

With a mixture of window tables, booths, and long tables for groups in the centre of the restaurant, what I especially love about Purezza is that it feels accommodating to all group types. Whether you're on a date, dining with your family or out with a big group of friends, there's room for you and you'll be well looked after.

I can only vouch for the Brighton venue, however Purezza also have a London branch where I can only imaging the food is just as great!

Would I go back? Yes, every day if I could!
Would I recommend to a friend? Yes
Value for money? Yes - the menu is very standard in pricing and is similar to what you would pay at Pizza Express etc
Good amount of vegan options? Yes – all vegan!

Note: this restaurant visit was complimentary, however all opinions are my own


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