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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Vegan chocolate dessert

With its beautiful seafront, quirky lanes and friendly people, Brighton is one of my absolute places to visit in the UK. It's also one of the best places to find great vegan and vegetarian food spots, with the Green and eco friendly community well and truly thriving there. There are countless well known amazing vegan restaurants in Brighton, and just as many hidden gems to discover. Over the weekend, I discovered a new favourite in Terre à Terre, Brighton's own vegetarian restaurant.

Terre à Terre is a vegetarian restaurant with a difference, offering up colourful dishes inspired by flavours around the world from their classically trained chefs. The food is eccentric and interesting, and every plate which they serve up looks more like a work of art than a meal! One of the most successful vegetarian restaurants in the UK, you may expect the place to have an uninviting feel to it, but it's completely the opposite. The restaurant feels cosy and homely, and the staff make you feel welcome as soon as you walk through the door. 

One of the things I love the most about Terre à Terre is their focus on being ethical. Recycling, managing food waste and sourcing organic products are all essential for Terre à Terre, and this is something which really makes their working model stand out to me. Plus, at the end of it all, their food tastes incredible.

Eating at Terre a Terre restaurant

marinated tofu at terre a terre

The Food

There is a common theme with vegetarian and vegan restaurants that in order to be successful, they should try their best to replicate popular meat and dairy based dishes to attract the masses. Don't get me wrong, I love a good vegan burger, and Quorn chicken nuggets are pretty much my diet staple. However, I really love the fact that the dishes at Terre à Terre step away from this vegetarian and vegan restaurant trope. Instead of replicating the look and taste of a beef burger, they focus on flavours and presentation. This leads to every course being a colourful and interesting dish which I can guarantee you'll not have tasted anything like before.

We visited Terre à Terre for dinner, and managed to fit in a starter, main course and dessert. And truly, I couldn't fault a single plate we tried. Each course served up was beautifully presented and tasted like nothing I'd ever tried before. I eat out at different restaurants a lot, and I'm rarely ever surprised by the food which I order. It's unusual to go to a restaurant and feel like you're eating ingredients and combinations which you've never tried before, however this is exactly how it feels eating at Terre à Terre.

For our starters we ordered the 'deep fried sticky plummy hoi sin marinated sesame tofu' and the 'Korean fried cauliflower'. Both were amazing, and I loved the presentation of the tofu. Since going vegan, I've developed an obsession with marinated cauliflower (which, I realise, is the most cliché vegan thing anyone has ever said), so this starter was right up my street and I could have eaten 10x more of it!

food at terre a terre restaurant
potato rosti at terre a terre

For main courses, we opted for the 'sneaky peaking steamers' - these steamed buns are a vegetarian option on the menu which come with halloumi, however the dish can be made vegan by replacing the cheese with tofu (which is what we did). The steamers come with a selection of different additions to add to the buns, including bok choy, kimchi Chinese cabbage, pickled watermelon and cucumber. They were steaming hot, packed with flavour and so tasty!

Our other main course was 'rosti revisited', another vegetarian option which can be turned vegan. This meal comes with crispy fried potato, marinated smoked tofu and buttered spinach. Served up on a plate filled with colour and flavour, this main was hard to fault. 

Somehow, we made room for dessert (which I'm very glad of, because it was by far my favourite course of the meal!) and ordered the 'snap, crackle and choc' and the 'churrisimo'. I have a deep, deep love for churros and I've rarely found good vegan ones since I stopped eating dairy, however the churrisimo was perfect, with crispy cinnamon churros and rich chocolately dipping sauces. The stand out dish of the day for me was the 'snap, crackle and choc'. Made up of cacao mousse, chocolate shortbread and clementine sorbet, not only was it beautiful to look at (I almost felt like I didn't want to eat it!), it was packed with such fantastic flavours which paired together brilliantly. 

Terre à Terre have a versatile and interesting menu with plenty of options on it to choose from. They also have a selection of vegan cocktails (which I was way too full to try, but they looked amazing!). I'd definitely head back again soon to try out some other interesting creations from the menu.

churros at terre a terre
churro dessert at terre a terre

The Interior & Location

Terre à Terre is located on the edge of the lanes in Brighton, just a couple of minutes walk from the pier and the seafront. It's in a prime location for wandering along the beach and through the quaint shops in the local area beforehand, and heading elsewhere for a drink or a coffee straight after. 

The atmosphere of the restaurant is friendly and laid back. The crowds which it welcomes in are very diverse, with just as many groups of older people, younger people and families filling its tables. Terre à Terre is split out across three different rooms, with a sweet little terrace garden area out the back so you can dine in the sun if the weather is good. The restaurant is lovely and feels very welcoming, and the staff were all very happy to have a chat about the menu and make you feel welcome.

Would I go back? Yes
Would I recommend to a friend? Yes
Value for money? The menu is slightly more pricey than your standard restaurant, but worth it for the quality of the food
Good amount of vegan options? Yes – around 75% of the menu is vegan or has a vegan option!

Note: this restaurant visit was complimentary, however all opinions are my own

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