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Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Vegan Buffet at Ethos London

One of my favourite things about my transition into veganism is the amount of amazing restaurants around London which I’ve discovered, that I’d probably not have heard of when I wasn’t looking for new plant based restaurants to try. Now, my favourite thing to do on a weekend is head into the city and try out a new vegan dish from a café or restaurant which I’ve sourced on Instagram or been recommended by a friend.

Recently, I visited Ethos in London, a vegetarian and vegan r
estaurant located near Oxford Street, which operates on a ‘weight your plate’ basis. The concept of this restaurant is like a big family plant based buffet. All of the food is laid out beautifully on large plates in a central area of the restaurant, with little cards letting you know what each dish contains, and whether it’s suitable for vegetarians or vegans (everything on the menu is veggie, with a large proportion of it being vegan too). You simply take your plate up, fill it with whatever treats from the veggie buffet you fancy and then take your plate to the counter to be weighed. Whatever your plate weights = what you pay.

I loved the concept of Ethos, the way their restaurant worked, and not to mention how amazing the food was!

The Food

Ethos change their menu regularly and they're always adding new additions to their buffet tables. The menu and each of the tables are split up into cold plates, hot plates and dessert plates. The food is mainly salad and 'nibbles' style food - a classic buffet meal! They also operate on a 'no waste' basis, making them an even more sustainable choice. 

All of the veggie and vegan food which ethos serve up tastes really fresh and you can tell that it's prepared on the day. The slogan on their menu is 'deliciously different', and this is something which I can definitely vouch for! From pomegranate and pumpkin seeds to walnuts and turmeric tofu, the combinations which the chefs at Ethos cook up in their kitchen are vibrant and exciting, and make for a really fantastic plate of flavours. 

Ethos also have a really lovely looking breakfast menu which I'm definitely going to go back to try soon!

The Drinks

One of the most difficult things I find with veganism is the drinks. A lot of alcoholic drinks either contain animal products or have been strained using animal products, and so a lot of wines and beers aren’t suitable for vegans. Unlike food products, a lot of drinks still aren’t clear with their labelling of whether the products are suitable for vegans or not, especially if you’re ordering it in a restaurant or bar.

Being a restaurant which caters predominantly for vegetarians and vegans, Ethos very clearly marked on their menu which of the wines were suitable for vegans, which I found super helpful! Having that small Ve symbol next the different drinks on a menu can save so much hassle when you’re trying to figure out what you can and can’t drink.

The Interior

The interior of Ethos’ restaurant is beautiful and a true Instagrammers dream. With white décor, fairy lights and indoor trees surrounding the tables, the place feels like a forest eatery under the stars. The whole place feels cosy and like somewhere you’d want to stay to chat and relax after finishing your meal.

Due to the weigh your plate style buffet policy, the whole of Ethos restaurant has a very relaxed vibe to it. The common theme which I always find with vegan restaurants is that they always share this laid back and inclusive environment. As soon as you walk through the door, you feel welcomed and at ease, and this is definitely how I felt sat in Ethos’ beautiful London restaurant.

The interior is made even more enticing by the huge buffet spread of colourful dishes which hit your eye (and nose!) as soon as you walk through the door. From bowls stacked with steaming green veg to colourful rice dishes and golden bakes, the food is all piled up high on stacked plates and make the restaurant look a treat.

The staff at Ethos are kind and pleasant, and happy to talk you through the menu if you ask. Overall, it makes for a great dining experience.

Would I go back? Yes
Would I recommend to a friend? Yes
Value for money? Yes – depending on how much you fill your plate, the pricing is quite reasonable!
Good amount of vegan options? Yes – there were so many to choose from!

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