Eat Genesis | Vegan Restaurant Review

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Vegan food at plant based restaurant, Genesis

I wouldn’t be alone in confessing that Genesis is one of my favourite vegan restaurants in London. Well known in the vegan community as a cult classic for getting your plant based junk food fix, Genesis is as cool and its food as great as Instagram makes it look. I recently visited Genesis for the first time, after lusting over its pink intergalactic interior and colourful looking food snaps on Instagram. Sometimes these ‘restaurants I saw on Instagram’ can never live up to the expectations that they hold on their perfectly polished grids. However, the vegan food at Genesis was truly lovely and I would go back to have a meal within its aesthetically pleasing walls any day of the week.

Genesis is an all vegan restaurant, located in Shoreditch, London. Their restaurant is very casual and operates as a fast food structure, where you go to the counter to order, pay upfront and then take a seat within the restaurant. The food comes quickly, but it’s no greasy chips in cardboard containers. It’s all plant based, organic comfort food which leaves your belly feeling full and your heart feeling happy. Genesis sell their food as ‘plant based alchemy’ and if you try it, you can see where it’s coming from. For something so simple, it’s anything but. Their flavours are fun, their dishes are interesting and the whole eating experience is a delight.

The Food

The food at Genesis is a true delight, and I’m desperate to head back there soon so I can try some more of their menu. In true fast food style, your order is served up on a metal tray, lined with a cute black and white sheet which looks like a newspaper, but is actually covered in Genesis’ iconic illustration branding which can be seen on their website. The food itself comes served up on little colourful pastel dishes, so the more small plates you order, the more of a rainbow treat your table will end up looking.

The menu at Genesis is all plant based, so there’s plenty of variety to chose from when it comes to both mains and deserts. The food offerings include all of the exciting things which you would expect from a fast food restaurant or street food stall. From vegan burgers and hot dogs to tacos, nachos, wings or noodles, Genesis’ menu is really innovative and varied.

On my visit to Genesis, I tried their fried avocado taco, kimchi fries with sriracha mayo and the genesis burger (all of which were amazing, the burger especially!). I also had to make room for dessert, so tried the very elusive sounding avocado chocolate mousse, which was one of the best plant based puddings I’ve  ever eaten! All the food which I tried tasted really fresh and the fact that its organically sourced only makes it better.

Genesis also have a great looking breakfast menu, which I’m going to have to make some time to try next time I’m there!

The Interior

The design inside Genesis restaurant is intergalactic and definitely out of this world. Its beautiful space themed interior is one of the main reasons why this plant based paradise was the centre of such a big buzz when it first opened. With neon pink signs decorating the walls, art deco style prints on the walls with fun pro-vegan slogans adorning them and pretty potted cactuses lined up against their pastel pink tiled walls, Genesis is as much a treat for the eyes as it is for the taste buds.

The restaurant is small but inviting and it has a neon lit downstairs area which allows more people to pack in (and thank god it does – this place is always packed!). Overall, Genesis is the perfect place for a pretty plant based lunch or a snack, whether you’re hungry enough for one plate or five.

Would I go back? Yes
Would I recommend to a friend? Yes
Value for money? Yes – the plates are quite small, but reasonable priced so you can order a few to share
Good amount of vegan options? Yes – so many I couldn’t pick!


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