Five Reasons to Visit Melbourne, Australia

Monday, 16 July 2018

Luna Park - Melbourne

Whilst travelling the East Coast of Australia, I quickly discovered that you're either a Melbourne person or a Sydney person. Both cities have so much to offer and locals from each will be quick to tell you why their own city trumps the other. Sydney has all of the big, touristy, well recognisable landmarks, but don't let that stop you from making Melbourne a stop on your tour of the East Coast. Their weather may be a little bit shifty in comparison to other spots further up the coast, but With it's hidden street art lanes and it's huge array of independent coffee sellers, Melbourne is a city buzzing with culture and colour. It's also one of the happiest cities I visited in my time there. It's fast paced but relaxed all at once. Many people who decide to travel the East Coast of Australia head to Sydney first and then travel up from there without giving Melbourne a visit, but here are a few reasons why it should be the first stop on your East Coast adventure.

Hosier Lane Street Art - Melbourne

1. The street art

Perhaps one of the things which Melbourne is most famous for is its art scene. Not only can this be found whilst exploring the cool art galleries such as MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), this art also spills out onto the streets and is free for tourists to explore. The most famous street art spot in Melbourne is Hosier Lane, a laneway tucked away in the centre of the city showcasing ever changing murals from different artists. Other notable street art spots around the city include Centre Place and AC/DC Lane. You can spend ages wandering around these spots and they offer some of the coolest free sights in the city.

Coffee and Muffin

2. The coffee culture

Australia is well known for its coffee culture and Melbourne offers perhaps some of the best examples of this. You'll find it hard to find a chain such as Starbucks whilst wandering the streets of Melbourne - instead, they offer a rich scene of independent coffee shops, all of which are passionate about the drinks they create. Whilst in Melbourne, be sure to support local businesses and see what these coffee shops have to offer. I can assure you that the drinks taste so much better than your usual Frappe Latte. A few of my favourite Melbourne coffee spots include the cheap and cheerful Everyday Coffee, hidden gem Little Bean Blue and ethical friendly Axil Coffee Roasters.

Skyscrapers and Market in Melbourne

3. The transport

This may seem like a weird one to include on a list of reasons to visit a city, but trust me - the tram system in Melbourne makes it impossibly easy to get from place to place within the city. All of the trams in the centre of Melbourne are free to locals and tourists, meaning you can hop on and hop off as much as you please without having to pay a cent. This makes it so easy to fit as much sightseeing and exploring into your days, and ensures that you can save your money for the important things, like buying your next cuppa.

View from Melbourne Skydeck

4.The sights

Melbourne is rich with culture and interesting things to see across the entire city. From the Eureka Skydeck which allows you to ride a lift 88 floors above ground and view the city from above, to the old laneways and arcades which you can spend hours wandering through, this is a city which has so much to offer. The heart of the city is home to the Yarra River, which stretches 242km long. You can follow this all the way through the heart of the city, stopping along the way to explore the Botanical Gardens, the Museum of Modern Art, The Shrine of Remembrance and so much more. The heart of the city is home to Federation Square, a centre of arts which is perfect for sitting in and watching the world go by. The best thing about all of the sights and culture which Melbourne has to offer, is that most of them are free and won't cost you a cent!

Boats on Water at St Kilda

5. The beaches

Maybe one of the best things about Melbourne is its beach, just a short tram ride away from the centre. St Kilda is quite different to your usual Australian beach, however its a spot that you need to visit. Browse around the food and trinket stalls at the Sunday markets, snap a photo in front of the huge, beaming face at the gates of Luna Park, or stick around until sunset to catch a glimpse of the rock penguins from the pier. St Kilda offers plenty of entertainment and is a really gorgeous and relaxed beach to spend the day at. Slightly further along the coast, you'll find Brighton Beach, lined with brightly coloured beach huts and gorgeous views. Both spots have so much to offer - make sure you visit both before deciding on a favourite!

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