Musical Review: Five Guys Named Moe

Friday, 23 March 2018

Marble Arch Theatre London

This month I got the chance to go see one of London's most recently raved about shows, Five Guys Named Moe at Marble Arch Theatre. A six man show filled with energetic performers and toe-tapping jazz numbers, Five Guys Named Moe is not a show to miss. It's one of my favourite shows which I've seen in recent months, not only because of the recognisable tunes, but because of the pure passion and energy which the cast put into every single number. If you're looking for a show to see in London this month, on a tighter budget than West End Theatre's can usually offer, I'd definitely recommend Five Guys Named Moe.

The Story

Five Guys Named Moe tells the story of Nomax, a single and broke man, drinking his troubles away after being dumped by his girlfriend. Whilst singing along to a blues song in his living room, five guys named Moe suddenly appear from inside of his radio to help him get his life back on track. What follows are some all singing, all dancing lessons on love from the five Moe's. The story is basic, but it strings the songs together perfectly and makes the music the soul focus. I loved every second of it - the pacing is great and kept the whole audience constantly engaged.

The Music

The majority of the show is made up from musical numbers, with only short pieces of dialogue from the cast in between. This means that the songs really carry the story. I found it so clever how they used so many famous jazz songs to move the story along. The numbers are funny and smart with sensational dance numbers to go with each. The cast never lost their energy in a single number and each of them has a truly fantastic voice. There wasn't a moment that passed where I didn't have a smile on my face while watching one of the numbers.

Inside Marble Arch pop up theatre

The Venue

Marble Arch Theatre has been taken right back to 1940's New Orleans for the production of Five Guys Named Moe, and as soon as you walk into the venue, you'll be hit with that vibe. The foyer is decorated like an old cocktail bar, with a live band playing jazz music above the bar and twinkling lights strung across the ceiling. The stage itself is a theatre in the round, and you have the choice of sitting at tables right in the middle of the stage or in the stalls on the outskirts of the stage. It's an intimate venue, so there isn't a bad seat in the house, but if you can, I'd definitely recommend sitting at the tables. You'll be right in the middle of the action, with the cast running around your table, and even sitting down to join you for a drink mid-song if you're lucky!

The Verdict

Five Guys Named Moe is a fun, vibrant and energetic show which it'd be impossible to leave not feeling great. The cast are brilliant and you can tell that they put absolutely everything that they can into each number, and each show. The entire venue gets involved in the fun, with even the ushers being energetic and participating throughout. If you're looking for a show which is high energy and full of audience participation and plenty of opportunities for laughs, I'd definitely recommend Five Guys Named Moe. You won't regret it!

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