Book Review: Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton

Monday, 26 February 2018

everything I know about love book

Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton was definitely one of those 'social media made me read it' books. For the last few weeks, its gorgeous red and yellow cover has been the only book I've seen across all of my social feeds, with my trusted online bubble all going seemingly crazy over it. So of course, I wanted a piece of the action, and decided to give it a read myself. And I'm so glad I did. Everything I Know About Love is Dolly Alderton's personal account of the relationships which she has experienced throughout her twenties, be those romantic or platonic. It made me laugh, it made me think, it was so relatable that I felt it in my chest, but most of all, it made me appreciate and fall wildly in love with my friends.

Everything I Know About Love begins with the story of Dolly Alderton's youth and her first encounters with the opposite sex as a schoolgirl. Flipping through the first few pages, I was instantly transported back to the days spent on MSN after school, desperately waiting for your crush to come online so you could exchange a few sweet moments filled with 'wuu2?' and 'brb' with them. The next day, these acronym's and emoticons would be dissected with female friends outside the school gates, desperately wondering what Jack could possibly have meant by his 'g2g speak l8r x'. Everything I Know About Love covers all of this and more - the awkward first dates with boys from other schools who you had nothing in common with, the fascination with the opposite sex, paired with the absolute cluelessness of how their brains worked. It's relatable from the off, and will have you gripped right from the first chapter.

The book continues to take us on a trip through Alderton's twenties and we're treated to stories of bad dates, late night escapades and intense romances. It's relatable, real and true, but also just genuinely funny and heartfelt. As the book progresses, Alderton tells us everything she knows about love at different ages throughout her life and the things that she believed to be true at each time, and each set of 'facts' are just spot on. Reading it made me realise not only how wrong and naive I've been about love in the past, but also how much I still have to experience and learn. Reading Everything I Know About Love will offer you hope, even if you didn't know that you needed it.

But aside from the romantic relationships discussed in this book, the thing that really made me fall in love with it is the way that friendship is depicted. Through a series of anecdotes, Alderton shows that the best relationships which have played an important part throughout her twenties were the ones with the women in her life. Reading stories about her loving relationships with her housemates and the support between herself and her best friend, Farly, made me not only wistful for a future where I live in a house full of glorious women who I can always count on for laughter and heartfelt advise, but also thankful for all of the friends who I do have, who have stuck by my side through even the worst days.

Of the few books I've read so far this year, Everything I Know About Love has stuck out as an absolute favourite. I'm in love with Alderton's matter of fact style of writing, and the entire book was a joy to read. Social media wasn't wrong in telling me to add this one to my reading list. Everything I Know About Love is a true celebration of life and friendship.

Everthing I Know About Love is available to buy on Amazon.
This book was sent to me for review, however all opinions are my own.

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